About us


An initiative to bring information on improving Leadership and Management skills to those who want to stand out from the rest. We realized that knowledge is the only way to supplement experience and started collecting information on topics that are important to be successful in today's job market.


With worldwide unemployment on the increase and the rising costs of education, it is essential to focus on self-development. Productivity By Design assists in bringing this knowledge to you and its main focus is to develop a culture of self-learning.





For anyone who is planning to become a leader of people or organizations, it is important to get into a position where you have the knowledge and skills to do so. Being a leader of people is not a positional privilege but rather the ability to guide and develop the teams supporting you in the correct way.


The main function of a leader is to achieve organizational goals and targets but it is up to the individual to refine the skill to do so. That is why Productivity By Design try to bring useful content to put you on the right path.




To maintain your productivity as well as that of your team can be stressful and collecting the right tools for this job will need some self-development. This will take a lot of skill and commitment and the only way to do this is to gather knowledge which can be translated into experiences.


Productivity can mean many different things to different people but at the end of the day, the basics remain the same. Here is your opportunity to learn the basics of becoming an outstanding leader.